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Integrate Families works closely with local authorities and other government bodies across the UK. We have one of the most experience teams in Europe, working with children who display complex behaviour.


With some of the most advanced therapy rooms in the country. Integrate Families is capable if delivering a service that is far more advanced than any other provider.


Our senior team has nearly a century of experience working with children. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with internationally recognised experts, to ensure we are following the latest research and protocols.


"The service both our child and ourselves have received has been life changing for us all."


Core Values

  1. Each Individual needs to have an experience a sense of belonging to a person, family, or group; In order to fulfil his/her attachment and relationship needs.
  2. Each individual is valuable in his/her own right and needs to develop a sense of their own worth, in order to discover his/her full identity.
  3. Each individual needs a sense of competency only achievable once he/she is safe enough in relationships to unpack the unique set of skills and abilities that he/she is born with

Integrate Families welcomes people of all ages who are experiencing problems in their life that have become too difficult to manage alone.


Our expert team of therapists have many years of experience and specialist training in assessing and efficiently addressing a variety of individual and relationship problems

"It (the therapy service), has been incredibly supportive. Without it, I doubt the placement would have been as successful."


The Integrate team are all qualified practitioners, as well as having undertaken extensive further training in the areas of attachment, trauma and dissociation. The majority of our team are also EMDR practitioners (adult and child) and actively work with a range of complex cases.


Dr. Marks is the accredited trainer for the ISSTD (International Society on Studies of Trauma and Dissociation) on the Assessment and Treatment of Children with Dissociative Disorders. Dr. Marks and Les Ryan are amongst only a handful of therapists working in the UK, who are trained in Dr Bruce Perry’s Neuro-sequential model of therapeutics. Dr. Marks is currently trained to the highest level in this field.


Our Registered manager is Sue Clarke, an experienced adoption manager in both local authority and voluntary adoption services.

Training - BICTD

For any training and resources, our dedicated training and media arm BICTD provides a wide range of online and bespoke trainings for groups and individuals.


You can visit the BICTD website at or call us on 0333 012 4105

Feel Free to Contact us and discuss your requirements.

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