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Integrate Families training packages are available to professionals, teachers, therapists, social workers, parents, adopters, foster carers and kinship carers. Training can be tailored to the requirements of individuals as well as groups.

Dr. Renée P Marks, the founder of Integrate Families, is a regular and much sought after figure in the world of trauma and dissociation. She is both a published author and provider of training and workshop seminars in the UK, Europe and the USA. As a result, Integrate Families share close links with international experts, in the fields of child development, trauma, neuroscience and dissociation, in addition to those researchers studying the impact of abuse and neglect on the developing brain.

The Integrate Families team are all trained in the latest interventions, and are committed to continually updating their own professional development and incorporating ground-breaking information into their services. They believe that knowledge is power and in order to support families and professionals working in the field of attachment, trauma and dissociation, they aim to disseminate the latest relevant research and knowledge, as widely as possible via training events.

Short training courses (1 – 2 days)

  • How To Overcome Attachment Difficulties In Schools
  • Dissociation In Children And Adolescents
  • Preventing Adoption Disruptions
  • Pre-Verbal Trauma
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • The Effect Of Trauma On Brain Development
  • Caring For And Working With The Sexually Abused Child
  • Attachment Food For The Brain
  • Neuroscience And The Adopted Child

Longer term training & experiential groups

  • Working With Children With Attachment Difficulties In Schools (a six week course for school professionals)
  • Attachment And Your Child (a six week course for adopters and long term foster carers)
  • Change Reaction – a one year experiential course promoting therapeutic parenting for adoptors and foster carers
  • Communicating With Children Series For Professionals

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