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Integrate Training is part of BICTD, our dedicated training provider.

We provide bespoke training and resources to a wide range of clients, including, corporates, local authorities, schools and charities.

Our Most Popular Training!

Some of our past training courses:

  • Attachment food for the brain,

  • Therapeutic Parenting Masterclass,

  • Communicating with children,

  • Contact in Care,

  • Drama Triangle - complex dynamics in family,

  • Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation (TAD) Informed,

  • The Adolescent Identity,

  • Enhanced Emotional Regulation in the Classroom,

  • Moving: A journey of change & loss,

  • Parent & child profiling,

  • Sibling Assessment and Placement,

  • Emotional Regulation in Children & Adolescents.

  • Life Story Book: Fact or Fiction,

  • Complex Feelings and who they belong to,

  • Why are hurt children difficult to teach?

  • Working with children that are a TAD troubled,

  • Dissociation in Children & Adolescents, Assessment & Treatment,

  • Preventing Adoption Disruption.

All our training are bespoke to your organisation's needs and requirements.


Please contact us below to enquire about our bespoke training.


We would be happy to discuss your individual requirements

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