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what makes us different

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Integral: A Mathematical Symbol that represents integration: to make into a whole by bringing all parts together; unify; to join with something else; unite.

At Integrate we deeply value the uniqueness of each individual. By integrating the most effective therapies, we can tailor our support to meet your specific needs. 

Experience alone is not enough.

We firmly believe in 2 core principles that are the key elements in the success to our work.

1. Continuous Improvement

2. Respect for People

Continuous Improvement is all about ensuring that we remain on the path to learn and adapt, to integrate the latest research and most groundbreaking techniques to help and support our clients.

We do not repeat the same process

hoping for different results.


Every single member of our team is passionate about advancing and improving in the field of therapeutic support.

In addition we have a long history of international collaboration with seasoned practitioners and researchers around the world.


The service you receive with us will always include the most up to date theory, techniques, tools and practices.

Respect for People is all about relationship;

valuing and building relationship.

Improvement and progress in therapy cannot be pursued outside of relationship.

Relationship means valuing the healing in our brains, in our thoughts and psyche, rather than simply addressing behaviour.


We work hard to collaborate with our clients, parents and schools as well as professionals in the public and private sector.

When you integrate the 2 elements; continuous improvement and respect for people, you get one core ingredient:


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